Our Product

How Inshop’s automated shops work

Our solution was created to provide the shop owners with full control, while giving their customers an enjoyable shopping experience. 


For registered customers, no credit card or cell phone is required to enter the shop and purchase.


Regidtration only takes five seconds and happens once in a lifetime.

Fast Shopping

With no lines and no cash register, all you need is just take and go.

Unique Exclusive Hardware

Inshop’s hardware offers an incredible, reliable store experience. For the store to function, all that is needed is an ordinary power outlet and an Internet connection.

Four Options For User Identification

Depends on the customers choice

Face Recognition
Qr Code

Two active store modes

The owners of stores can decide how the stores will run and what level of access they will provide to unregistered customers. Both options can be used, depending on the time of day.

Classic mode

The store is accessible to all registered and non registered customers, providing a quick on spot registration to non-registered customers that want to make a purchase.

Safe mode

The store is only accessible to registered customers. Non-registered customers can register on the spot before entering the store by using the registration units on site.

Dynamic and

The exterior design of the shelving unit can be changed and adjusted to get the desired atmosphere in the store

As long as there is no customer standing in front of the unit, the long touch screen can be an advertising space or display of an desired atmosphere

interactive design